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Looking after the IT needs of small and medium businesses is what Aabyss Computers has done since day one. Our managed maintenance service provides our customers with the peace of mind that they need – knowing that an IT expert is monitoring their system and anticipating problems before they occur. So, how could your business benefit from managed IT services?

Why wait for something to go wrong before it can be fixed? Aabyss Computers is dedicated to keeping your business operational. Downtime costs money. Lots of it. Lost money in working hours. Lost money in being able to go about your everyday business. Lost money in clearing a backlog after your system goes back online. Aabyss helps its clients become more profitable through the efficient provision of managed IT services.

Monitoring your server health remotely allows us to keep an eye on your backup, antivirus system and hard disks in order to ensure that you add value to your business.


More about how Aabyss can increase your business’ success >>

  • Fewer failures
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced security risks
  • Automatic updates
  • Hard disc monitoring
  • Rapid customer support
  • Near-continuous backups

Managed Services

managed IT services
Managed Services are about keeping IT operational – being one step ahead of problems.  If computer downtime costs your business money, you’ll be amazed at what we can do to help.

Managed Services

Our Pedigree

managed IT services
We have partnerships with key manufactures in the IT industry, including Microsoft, IBM, Lenovo & Watchguard. We can supply, install and configure new computers, servers & networking equipment, and we’re good at IT!

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managed IT services
Our commitment to the maintenance of our customers’ IT systems is second to none. See what our clients have said about how we helped to increase productivity and enabled companies to become more profitable.


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